'Heal Yourself'

Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire

About Me

Ruth Bell

BA (Ed),GDip (Spec Ed),PG Cert (Clin.Hyp.),MBSCH

I am a professionally qualified and registered practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis. I studied at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis( LCCH) . I have completed the Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Clinical Hypnosis and I am continuing further study to complete my Masters. The LCCH training is accredited with the University of West London. I am a full member of the BSCH ( British Society of Clinical Hypnosis).

In the first session I will always establish a trust and foster a clear understanding of the hypnotherapy process.The willpower of the patient is the crucial factor so my strong belief 'heal yourself' is the foundation of my work. You are in control of your healing . As the experienced therapist I will guide the process but cannot compel you to do what you dont want to do .

Through my expertise and your dedication we will work to induce a light trance state which allows us to work effectively with the presenting problem.

Let's dymystify the trance state. It's a naturally occuring state that we all have experienced in our everyday lives ! Driving on a long journey , pulling up at a red light and waiting for the light to change and then being tooted from behind because you didn't notice the light had changed, watching television, waiting in line at the supermarket with nothing to do .. all these can definitely induce a trance like state !

 In this highly focused and powerful state of mind you can utilise your own inner resources together with the external suggestions I deliver to help you achieve beneficial and therapeutic changes that meets our agreed goal. When you enter the hypnotic state your unconscious mind is more readily accessible since it has partly taken on a more active role in monitoring your external surroundings, a job normally done by our conscious awareness.

I enjoy the work I do and I look forward to helping empower each individual to be in control of their healing. I aim to make it creative , meaningful and respectful to the individual needs of each person I see.

Please feel free to contact me for a free initial telephone consultation 07791651756 or email [email protected]


First session 90 minutes includes an in depth assessment, goal setting and therapy using hypnosis

60 minute sessions thereafter.

Hypnotherapy Sessions - Sliding Scale starting £50.

Very successful one session Smoking Cessation treatment £120 - Concessions are available.

''Ruth has a presence and a voice that instils a wonderful sense of calm and trust . She helped me enormously with my rat phobia .'' Jo

"I am now a non smoker and I only needed one session .'' Mat

''I have had weight issues for a long time . Ruth helped me achieve my goal of losing weight and maintaining a healthy attitude towards eating .'' Margaret